Do.List: To Do List Organizer App Reviews

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What would I do without Tom?! Die

Seriously, an awesome simple app! Love it! Love Tom, too. He does everything on my list!

Best app ever

I love this app. I check it several times a day and include everything on here. That way I do t miss anything!!

Love this App!

This app helps me in so many ways. I have saved tons of info that I now have at my fingertips. I’ve told my friends and family and most have signed up. Love, love, live this App!

Great App

This app is easy to use and is full of useful features,m. It provides reminders that are motivational but not annoying it has several tools all with practical application love it

Get things DONE!

After years of trying out dozens and dozens of other apps, I am, as it seems to be the case with others, relieved to have found the smart app that knows what to do with my great many tasks at hand. It is far from the clutter of my desk and helps me navigate to what NEEDS TO BE DONE. A great illustration of the wisdom of “less is more” philosophy. Bravo & thank you!

Detroit writer

App really helps me to stay organized. I wish there was a way of prioritizing items on each list.

Well thought-out!

Love it-works the way I think. I esp. like the way I can easily move a task to the next day without needing to reenter the data.

Could be better

I don’t like that you can’t move items into a certain order on every list....for example you can reorder items on today’s list but not a grocery list...makes no sense. Otherwise The app is is pretty handy I use it daily.

The best comprehensive organizational app out there by a long shot!

It’s been years since I’ve written an app review, but this is so far beyond any other organization app out there. If you need to get your sh*+ together or if you have it together and want to keep it that way, this is the app for you. You have all of the features standard in other similar apps, but in a much nicer, easier, and cleaner format... like deadline, due dates, calendars, appointments. In addition... songs you hear and want to add to a playlist, movie recommendations you want to see later, quotes you read and want to remember... grocery, recipes, errands, shopping, home improvements, ideas, priority lists, venting etc. add others you need, remove the ones you don’t. The only thing is that I wish it was available for iPad... that’s really unfortunate that I can’t sync it with all my devices. Fantastic app and I wholeheartedly recommend!

Full of features

I got this app as a secondary To Do app but it could replace my primary app. It is full of features to help you stay organized. I had a question about settings and my email was answered promptly and professionally. I would definitely recommend as a full service organization tool or just for quick list.

Looks promising / useful

I’ve just purchased today. Looks useful - has a learning curve but worth the effort.

Reminder to do app

Looks ok but wish you could toggle it to calendar dates as some things are by date

Not iPad friendly

Not iPad friendly. Only displays in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesn't function standing up on end. Please fix.

Savior for the disorganized and forgetful

I am the worst with keeping track of my lists for any life aspect and keeping track of dates. If I put it on paper I lose the paper almost instantly. I’ve been looking for a good digital all in one app for work/ home/ groceries/ bills/ appointments/ things I don’t want to forget something. This app is the PERFECT all in one app because it has a tracker for anything I could possibly have to jot down to remember and it keeps it categorized! I love that it alerts you by day/ week/ month and prioritizes. I also love that it syncs with the calendar. I now have hope for a more organized life and a less stressful work environment because I’ll be able to keep track of due dates and be less likely to forget important appointments! So happy these came out! I needed it!!!!!


I really love this app I’m a big lister but is their a away I can set reminders? I have habits that I want to track but can’t seem to find a way to set a reminder for myself.

Great until it crashed

As soon as I downloaded this app, I deleted all of my others because I fell in love. Unfortunately beginning months ago the app immediately crashes upon opening and even a recent update did not solve the issue. I am sure a delete and download will solve the issue, but I am upset to lose all of my notes and lists.

App crashes often

It is so convenient but it crashes so much!! 🤬 I hope an update comes soon so I can switch my rating to 5 stars.

Favorite planning app!

Love all the features. Only wish I could set a pop up reminder for today's, tomorrow's, and later's checklist items. Haven't found a better planning app though!

Ugly User Interface

Hard fo me as a designer to use something that has little design quality. Wish I had looked closer before flushing 1.99 on this app!

Great life organizer

Don't know what I'd do without it! I am a life long list maker, and this app provides me with my immediate "to do" lists, my "get done later" list, plus a place for books to read, travel packing, and any kind of list I'd like to create to fit my needs; songs to learn (I'm a musician,) healthy herbs, equipment inventory, etc. With a selection of symbols to choose from to accompany list title (sometimes I use my own emojis.) I'm in list heaven. Plus-the app creator is very responsive & respectful when it comes to learning about functions or making suggestions.

Not worth it to buy

Every paid App should be free for a day, so it can be tested in order to avoid wasting our money since we cannot ask for a refund . By the way , what it is the meaning of having an arrow as an icon for this kind of App?

Love it!

I love this app! It keeps me organized and makes me feel in control. I've recommended this app to a few coworkers already.

Five Star App & Five Star Service

I love this app!! I had a problem organizing the many wonderful pre-suggested lists in the Life Lists tab, contacted the developer and received an almost immediate reply telling me exactly the info I needed to set up the lists to my preferences. This app is easy to use, and keeps me on track!

Diamond in the rough

Been looking for a good note/task, and this is IT! Great interface, design, & functionality. Like the fact that it's simple & encourages & enables you to keep the to-do list short. Truly appreciate the efforts from developer to keep app up to date with great features. Keep up the good work!

Best List App! Added Bonus: Awesome Developer!

This is truly the best app out there for everyone! Because who isn't busy? Whether you work, take care of a household, are a student, or multiple of the above, we all need to keep a lot of things straight in our minds. Not only that, we all have lives we want to live! Vacations and activities we want to have on our bucket list; restaurants that foodies want to keep track of; grocery and shopping lists, quotes, literally everything you want to track - you can! It keeps you grounded and feeling like you have the balance you need. The best part - the developer of this app is so genuine, responsive, and really stands behind his product! I thought I had lost a list with a recent release but reached out to him, and he responded in less than a day with sincere concern, fixed the code, and retrieved my list in a mere 4 days. He kept me posted each day with his progress as well. This is really impressive and I will totally use and recommend this app to everyone because it really is the best! :)

Nice todo list

Great features not complicated and it can keep you on track

hella useful

Not sure if it's been suggested already, but would different color themes be possible? As for functionally, issues have been mentioned already, but I can't seem to rename any of my created life lists. Overall great app ^^

Great to keep organized

I use this app for all the things I can't stop thinking about that need to get done. I love that I can put things as do today, tomorrow or later. The grocery list is great and I love that you can set due dates for things like bills. This app has everything I need and then some to stay organized personally and with my grad school work!

Super helpful!!!

Very great app!! Organized and has a lot more than to do lists!!

Loving this App

Grabbed this after my go-to ERRANDS app would no longer update. So glad I found this. It's simple, easy to use & helps keep me focused. Turned my sister on to it (who's into paper & pen and never liked app organizers) ... but this one she's actually using. 😊 Two thumbs way up.


I love this app! I am a "list" person and I can't get over how easy it is to use and all my lists are now in one location. Best (and cheapest) birthday gift I ever bought myself 😉

Best to do list app by far.

Great app!!! Best in it class only wish is that there be an IPad app :-(

Greatest to do app. Ever.


Happy App

This app is so much fun to use. And it so much visual charm. Look forward to a few more features, which I understand the developer has planned.

Great App For Those With Small Tasks

If your task scope is limited to one or two days, this is your app! But if your a busy professional who has projects that extend out several months, look else where. There isn't any way to prioritize task beyond today and tomorrow. Planning for the long term seems to be something the developer left out. The "Life Lists" are a great idea but aren't customizable. Yes, you can create new Life Lists and name them any name you want, however you can't select a format such as the journal or list format. You also can't rename the existing list or customize them in any way. Also, the thumbnails on the life lists cant be rearranged. To make it worse, they automatically arrange by last list used unless you lock the thumbnails. However, you can't lock them in the order you'd like them in. Again, it's a cute app for soccer moms or retired people who's vision is limited.

First To Do app that works for me

I've tried various to do apps and habit building apps. This app does both, and after a couple of weeks I'm still using it. Love the life lists - use the daily list for building habits, and the weekly and monthly lists for tracking things that don't need to be done daily.

Really great

It is a very helpful app to have. The today, tomorrow, and later feature is unique and I like how I can stream them easily. That really sets it apart from all other apps! I would like the app to have a more sleek look- just something more up to date. Update: Been using it for almost a year now and I love it. It has made keeping track of things so much easier for me!

The best

It's embarrassing how many list app systems I've tried, but the simplicity and ease of this one blows me away. Little pockets of additional lists (i.e. Due dates, projects) and the ability to hide the ones you don't need are just a fraction of what I love here. I don't do reviews, but this app deserves all the praise it gets!


Finally keeping in track with life ! So easy to manage things ! Will come back for more feedback and suggestions to better the app , as of now I can't think of any ! Thanks for your hard work !!

Great app--but needs one thing

This is the best list/to do app I have found. I just wish we could star or select an item and add it to our calendar. That would make it perfect. As of now I have to input things in both my calendar and my do list.

OMG! Simple, efficient

I've spent so much time trying to find a 'to do' list that works for me. They require more time to manage than it saves me in organization. This is simple, intuitive, and has the basics I need. Includes a simple single list or the ability to quickly organize by today, tomorrow, or later. Other additional lists can be easily accessed if you wish to add more info and categories, but they are not in the way if you don't. Love it. PLEASE make a version I can connect to my Apple Watch.

Best app for to dos

Happy I found it

Great app

I downloaded this while ago but just started using it for the last couple months. Finally someone got it right. Great task app definitely helping reach my goals in a simple and elegant way thanks great job!!

Helps The Mom Brain!

This app is so much more helpful than the reminder app that came with my phone. I especially like the "life lists" section, I can keep all my tasks and lists neat and organized, this makes the bazillion kid things I have going on much easier to remember. I do wish this sent alerts or reminders without opening the app, maybe I does and I just haven't made it that far yet. Overall though this app is amazing, thanks for making the school year/football season much easier on this mom!

it got our family syncronized

love it

V. Good app

Very good app

Better than a piece of paper

Exactly what I've been looking for in a "todo" app. Thanks!

Iz gud

Gud appz m8

Everything you could need

Best organizational app ever. Perfect for crazed list makers like myself

Love it!

Saves paper AND my sanity! Thanks!

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