Do.List: To Do List Organizer App Reviews

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More helpful than I thought

I got the app a while back, thinking I’d give it a try. Now I use it every day. It’s super helpful. GREAT for those who want to embrace organization, in every sense of the word. You can even have motivational quotes sent to you, daily. All in all - if you want to get things done, this app helps IMMENSELY.

Very handy

Has a lot of nice features. The dances are great. Did that come from Sherlock Holmes, I wonder?

Do List Rocks!!

A great, well thought out app that keeps me on track! The best news is that it just keeps getting better with improved features and functions. Dave is available and listens to his users and responds to emails/questions/ideas quickly.

Love it

It changes my life. I’m able to stay on track. I love the reminder!


You can stop searching! You’ve just found everything you’ll ever need to organize, itemize and capitalize on rocking your To-Do’s to Done! This app is not only my daily go-to but my favorite app of all time! I’ve tried them all and I’ve found do.list to greatly improve how I consistently get things done! For over a year, this app has helped me focus on great time management skills, it has significantly increased my productivity and it’s effectively streamlined and organized all of the things that keep me on top of my world! I love the developers unique and customizable “Life Lists” as well! There is even an area for “Venting” on a particularly crazy day where you can rant away and any comments are deleted once you’ve cooled the stress away! Another thing that sets do.list apart is that the developer himself answers any questions you may have and he actually cares about the user experience and he encourages feedback! I find that type of personal interaction very cool and certainly something you don’t typically get with most developers. I highly recommend this app! I think you’ll love it as well!

To do list

Once installed it worked fine for a while. Then it froze uninstalled it and reinstalled a week later still frozen. Loved it for two weeks.

Wonderful app

I’ve tried so many productivity/list apps and this is the only one I’ve continued to use for any length of time. It is simple to use, but powerful in its simplicity. I tend to procrastinate and I often had paper lists all over the place. This app has really helped in keeping things under control. The life lists are great and you can add your own as well.

Last update slowed it down

Was a great app but the recent update screwed it up. It won’t save changes. What happened. Was 5 star now 1 star. Can’t use it now.

It’s nice but...

It’s nice but it needs a calendar to input tasks for next weeks or months, I’m disappointed!!!

Best To-Do List I’ve Ever Used

I can’t think of anything that isn’t addressed in this app! It’s excellent!


I love the function of the “life lists” section and wish the actual “life list” app worked like this app. I don’t need the “today”, “tomorrow” and “later” options, only the life lists and I have both apps but this one has better list features than the app devoted just to it. Can the life list app be updated to work like this ones list section?

Great design...

but it doesn’t sync across devices. This is absolutely essential for this app to be fully useful. I prefer to use this on my iPad for the larger screen, but if I’m out and have a thought to add to a list I need to be able to do it right then. If I have to manually sync two separate lists this will very quickly become more trouble than it is worth.


As the developer states, this is a to do list not a calendar with reminders. Once you focus on that bit of genius it's my go-to to-do app. Easily drag to do's around and focuses on today, tomorrow, and later. The grocery list is also great after this last update with swiping to delete.

Approach that works !!!

After the first day of using this app, I have found finally the to do list app that works for me and I have tried many a to do list apps. I love the easy integration of non-deadline lists for various aspects of life with the ability to move specific tasks to time specific categories of Today, Tomorrow and Later. And the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly lists ensure that routine tasks, e.g., paying a bill that does not have auto payment capability, don’t fall through the cracks. While initially I thought that I would want the app to automatically move my Tomorrow and Daily tasks to Today, I appreciate the intentionality in evaluating what did I finish from Today and in my actively moving tasks from those other lists to Today. Thank you, thank you thank you for creating this wonderful app!!!

Love it...except

I wish there was a way to alphabetize my lists.


Using on iPhone X When moving an item from “Today” to “Later” the app kicks me out. It will not move the item. If I need to move anything I have to delete the item an rekey it. HOW DO I GET A REFUND?

Do.list keeps life simple and efficient!

Do.list keeps your to do list short and prioritized. It also keeps your life organized! The user interface is super easy to use, and there is little to no learning curve for this app! You simply prioritize what you want/need to get done, today tomorrow or later. Items can be moved from one list to another or moved up or down on the same list. Life lists are a perfect place to store notes on the next movie you want to see, book to read, or make your own specific list. Lists are customizable. l really appreciate the grocery list, customized for the way I shop, and easy to access in a moments notice. This app backs up to the cloud so there is no frustration with a lost list. The best feature of all is Dave, the developer. He listens and is super responsive to your questions, suggestions or problems. Now what could be better than that?!! Also be sure to check out his website for more info on the app. It’s helpful!


I have been looking for a app like this. Others were to detailed and not very user friendly.

Great app, very organized

This app seems to combine the best features of many other Productivity apps. Although there are some features that would be nice, like being able to type in the number of exercises you do rather than just clicking for each one, this app has everything I need in one place. Totally worth the $4

Overall, really love

Overall, really love this app. Much better than Google task or other ones that I had tried. However, with one of the last updates, the grocery list no longer sorts by unchecked. Would love to see a fix for that. Makes it difficult to find what you need to get at the grocery store in a hurry.

App crashes

Like the app but every time I try to move an item on a list by holding and dragging the app crashes. Very aggravating.

Disappointed - unpolished

I was about to give this two stars because the app is clunky, but I really like the concepts imbedded in it so I am giving it three. I really love the idea of prioritizing tasks into “today”, “tomorrow”, and “later” categories. In fact, this is how my boyfriend has been making lists for a very long time (he’s more of a pen and paper guy though). I was excited to stumble across this app and give it a try myself. I also love the idea of other functional “life” lists. Unfortunately, though, I think this app is rough around the edges and lacks the polish of other professional grade list making apps. The UI within the app is inconsistent. The “back” buttons sometimes have an upside down carrot (^), and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes buttons have squared corners, sometimes rounded corners. It even bothers me that the check mark next to “do later” is a little higher than it is on the “today” and “tomorrow” lists. The developer has also omitted some of the iOS design language we’ve become so familiar with, and this makes the app unintuitive and frustrating to navigate. This includes things like the “x” in the upper corner of a window to close it, back arrows to navigate to the previous screen, familiar icons and icon states, etc. Instead the developer has chosen to use other design language which makes it feel unfamiliar. I’m also frustrated with the work flow. When I tap the + icon to add an item to “today”, it takes me to a separate screen where I type in my task. When I hit enter I would expect it to take me back to the “today” home page. Instead it moves the cursor to the notes section below. I have to then select “today” to add it to the today list. Since I selected to add the item from the “today” list in the first place, it should default to this list and I shouldn’t have to select it a second time. Also, why does it need to take me to a separate screen to add the item? I think a good user experience should minimize transitions between screens and unnecessary taps and selections. Lastly, given the lack of polish, I’m let down by the fact that I paid $3.99 for this app. In it’s current state I think it’s more of a $0.99 app.

Here’s some feedback...

Please change how you have broken up the text in the middle of a task with “...”. I find it difficult and annoying to read. Please make the task smaller to fit in all text or put the ellipsis at the end of the text. Also, can I not send text to an email address without setting up an email account? And I do have a gmail account on my iPhone. I guess it couldn’t locate it?

Theme change is awful

I uninstalled this app after the theme change. Really miss the archery/arrow one, the minimalist is just ugly. Had zero desire to open it and use it.

Five stars for encouragement have a great app, but room to grow.

This app is on the complete right track for me. The only thing it’s missing is integrations with other applications. As a person who uses Evernote, good task, and the native reminder programs and calendar from iOS I would love to cities integrations. Also you have to back up manually or you may lose data if using on multiple devices. Despite these issues, I love this app and I hope it moves forward to maturity in these ways.

What would I do without Tom?! Die

Seriously, an awesome simple app! Love it! Love Tom, too. He does everything on my list!

Best app ever

I love this app. I check it several times a day and include everything on here. That way I do t miss anything!!

Love this App!

This app helps me in so many ways. I have saved tons of info that I now have at my fingertips. I’ve told my friends and family and most have signed up. Love, love, live this App!

Great App

This app is easy to use and is full of useful features,m. It provides reminders that are motivational but not annoying it has several tools all with practical application love it

Get things DONE!

After years of trying out dozens and dozens of other apps, I am, as it seems to be the case with others, relieved to have found the smart app that knows what to do with my great many tasks at hand. It is far from the clutter of my desk and helps me navigate to what NEEDS TO BE DONE. A great illustration of the wisdom of “less is more” philosophy. Bravo & thank you!

Detroit writer

App really helps me to stay organized. I wish there was a way of prioritizing items on each list.

Well thought-out!

Love it-works the way I think. I esp. like the way I can easily move a task to the next day without needing to reenter the data.

Could be better

I don’t like that you can’t move items into a certain order on every list....for example you can reorder items on today’s list but not a grocery list...makes no sense. Otherwise The app is is pretty handy I use it daily.

The best comprehensive organizational app out there by a long shot!

It’s been years since I’ve written an app review, but this is so far beyond any other organization app out there. If you need to get your sh*+ together or if you have it together and want to keep it that way, this is the app for you. You have all of the features standard in other similar apps, but in a much nicer, easier, and cleaner format... like deadline, due dates, calendars, appointments. In addition... songs you hear and want to add to a playlist, movie recommendations you want to see later, quotes you read and want to remember... grocery, recipes, errands, shopping, home improvements, ideas, priority lists, venting etc. add others you need, remove the ones you don’t. The only thing is that I wish it was available for iPad... that’s really unfortunate that I can’t sync it with all my devices. Fantastic app and I wholeheartedly recommend!

Full of features

I got this app as a secondary To Do app but it could replace my primary app. It is full of features to help you stay organized. I had a question about settings and my email was answered promptly and professionally. I would definitely recommend as a full service organization tool or just for quick list.

Looks promising / useful

I’ve just purchased today. Looks useful - has a learning curve but worth the effort.

Reminder to do app

Looks ok but wish you could toggle it to calendar dates as some things are by date

Not iPad friendly

Not iPad friendly. Only displays in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesn't function standing up on end. Please fix.

Savior for the disorganized and forgetful

I am the worst with keeping track of my lists for any life aspect and keeping track of dates. If I put it on paper I lose the paper almost instantly. I’ve been looking for a good digital all in one app for work/ home/ groceries/ bills/ appointments/ things I don’t want to forget something. This app is the PERFECT all in one app because it has a tracker for anything I could possibly have to jot down to remember and it keeps it categorized! I love that it alerts you by day/ week/ month and prioritizes. I also love that it syncs with the calendar. I now have hope for a more organized life and a less stressful work environment because I’ll be able to keep track of due dates and be less likely to forget important appointments! So happy these came out! I needed it!!!!!


I really love this app I’m a big lister but is their a away I can set reminders? I have habits that I want to track but can’t seem to find a way to set a reminder for myself.

Great until it crashed

As soon as I downloaded this app, I deleted all of my others because I fell in love. Unfortunately beginning months ago the app immediately crashes upon opening and even a recent update did not solve the issue. I am sure a delete and download will solve the issue, but I am upset to lose all of my notes and lists.

App crashes often

It is so convenient but it crashes so much!! 🤬 I hope an update comes soon so I can switch my rating to 5 stars.

Favorite planning app!

Love all the features. Only wish I could set a pop up reminder for today's, tomorrow's, and later's checklist items. Haven't found a better planning app though!

Ugly User Interface

Hard fo me as a designer to use something that has little design quality. Wish I had looked closer before flushing 1.99 on this app!

Great life organizer

Don't know what I'd do without it! I am a life long list maker, and this app provides me with my immediate "to do" lists, my "get done later" list, plus a place for books to read, travel packing, and any kind of list I'd like to create to fit my needs; songs to learn (I'm a musician,) healthy herbs, equipment inventory, etc. With a selection of symbols to choose from to accompany list title (sometimes I use my own emojis.) I'm in list heaven. Plus-the app creator is very responsive & respectful when it comes to learning about functions or making suggestions.

Not worth it to buy

Every paid App should be free for a day, so it can be tested in order to avoid wasting our money since we cannot ask for a refund . By the way , what it is the meaning of having an arrow as an icon for this kind of App?

Love it!

I love this app! It keeps me organized and makes me feel in control. I've recommended this app to a few coworkers already.

Five Star App & Five Star Service

I love this app!! I had a problem organizing the many wonderful pre-suggested lists in the Life Lists tab, contacted the developer and received an almost immediate reply telling me exactly the info I needed to set up the lists to my preferences. This app is easy to use, and keeps me on track!

Diamond in the rough

Been looking for a good note/task, and this is IT! Great interface, design, & functionality. Like the fact that it's simple & encourages & enables you to keep the to-do list short. Truly appreciate the efforts from developer to keep app up to date with great features. Keep up the good work!

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